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The world of the independent financial professional has become increasingly complex.

Regulation is heightened, clients expect more, and technology costs and “must haves” are rising. If the ever-increasing regulation is not one of your core competencies, then outsourcing your RIA function to Cambridge’s corporate Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) may make sense for your independent firm.

Today, about 92 percent of Cambridge’s financial professionals use Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. (CIRA) as their RIA, while 4 percent use an outside RIA and the other 4 percent use both.1 Every year, the percentage of advisors with Cambridge using CIRA grows as more opt to use the corporate RIA, but why?

Using CIRA as your RIA reduces your administrative and compliance costs while giving you more time to focus on gathering clients, managing their assets, and growing your practice. Furthermore, Cambridge’s technology, business tools, and back-office support can help limit the scope of administrative staff required in your office, while enabling you to allocate limited resources like time and money to initiatives focused on increasing revenues.

If you choose the path of the corporate RIA, you will not have the burden or cost of creating or maintaining the filing of the uniform application for investment adviser registration (Form ADV) with the state or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Since Cambridge is responsible for maintaining CIRA’s Form ADV, you also will not be subject to the direct regulatory audits associated with maintaining an RIA. Of course, every financial professional’s independent business is different. Careful consideration is important when deciding whether to form and use your own RIA or use CIRA.

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1As of 12/31/2022

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