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Prepare for the Unexpected

Estate planning and the continuity of one’s personal assets are a large focus of most comprehensive financial plans. As a trusted financial professional, you continually revisit this subject with your clients because your responsibility is to help them “prepare for the unexpected.” Have you taken the same amount of care with your practice?

A business continuity plan is the least expensive contingency insurance you can have, but without one, the consequences can be devastating. Instead of focusing on resuming a business after critical operations have ceased, a continuity plan aims to ensure that critical operations remain available at all times.

At Pivotal Financial Advisors, we believe you should remain mindful of worst case scenarios – from illness to disability and worse. That is why we work with our broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., to provide a valuable service for your business if the unexpected should occur. Continuity Express® is an easy-to-implement solution available exclusively to financial professionals with Cambridge. With Continuity Express, our team of licensed, experienced specialists will drop into your firm to help keep the operations running smoothly and satisfy regulatory requirements until a permanent solution is in place.

As with any continuity plan, we encourage our financial professionals to continue working on a customized, long-term succession plan. Going beyond Continuity Express, we will counsel you to consider various actions that, over time, can create a smooth transition plan and increase the value of your business.

Are you prepared in the case of an emergency? Let us show you how a reliable business continuity plan can help protect the needs of your family, staff, and clients.

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